Organizational Development | Project Management | Employee Engagement

Daedre Malone's Photo

Daedre Malone is an accomplished, versatile performer with MS in Organization Development & Leadership, graduate training in Project Management, and 8 years of progressive business experience.

  • Dedicated to optimizing business performance through employee engagement, training, and leadership development.
  • Diplomatic, engaging, consultative communicator with unique strength in managing difficult conversations through effective interviewing, listening, and negotiation skills. Strong business writing, authoring business processes, employee manuals, and critical client communications.
  • Confident, approachable, natural leader versed in recruiting, scheduling, training, coaching, collaborating, and relationship building with colleagues, customers, and vendors.
  • Enthusiastic, organized, and productive with skills in event planning and project management.
  • Analytical problem-solver dedicated to improving processes and cross-training for improved productivity, efficiency, and customer service.
  • Valued as motivated key contributor who takes initiative, seeks constructive criticism, finds creative solutions, and embraces new challenges in demanding environments.